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At the Olive Tree Restaurant, we are passionate about creating the most authentic Mediterranean Cuisine in Saskatchewan. Our world class chef hails from the Island of Crete, where she was a chef in a seven-star resort. 

Everything is made from scratch, using the finest fresh ingredients and their own award winning olive oil. This is a dining experience like no other.

Our Story

olive tree michael and georgiaolive tree john diefenbaker chairBefore it was the Olive Tree Restaurant, it was the Blacktop Diner. Michael and Georgia bought the restaurant in 2010. They decided to keep the original 50's style decor, as there is a lot of history in the restaurant - John Diefenbaker frequently ate his lunch there, and his favorite chair remains perched near the bar.

Michael and Georgia have created something truly unique; an authentic Mediterranean dining experience, in an incredibly stylish 50's diner.  

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